When using an eyeliner

Common advice when using an eyeliner & fashion eyelashes?

All of us know the advantage of using an eyeliner before putting on a fashion eyelashes.  Apart from enhancing our overall beauty looks, it also helps to cover/camouflage the small gap between our normal lashes and the fashion eyelashes.

But many should be aware of the type of eyeliner used as it may turn out to be an issue if you didn't manage with care.

There are many type of eyeliners for e.g. the hard lead type, creamy (crayon) type, gel type and liquid type.

1.  Hard Lead Type
There is no issue fixing on an eyelash using this type of eyeliner.

2. Creamy (crayon) Type
It has becoming an up-trend on using this type of eyeliner.  Be informed on this type of this eyeliner, averagely it will take more than 25-30sec to dry up over your eyelid.  The more layer of eyeliner you applied on the more drying time needed.  Some poor quality eyeliner of this type will take minutes to dry.  So, when you apply an eyelashes before the texture of eyeliner get completely dried up, you may experience your eyelash didn't stay firm over your eyelid or even dropping off.

3.  Gel Type & Liquid Type
On these type of eyeliners,  rule of thumb make sure it is dry up before apply an eyelash.  Important to note on liquid eyeliner, some of us may be trying to touch up after applying on eyelashes (when using latex glue).  Try not to apply too much eyeliner liquid over the dried latex glue.  You may moist/soften it, next moment you will find your fashion eyelash dropping off.