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Eyes are the most attractive of a facial.  When you see someone in the face, the first look that attracts attention are the pair of eyes.  Therefore, every effort is to make those eyes as beautiful, gorgeous and attractive as possible. 

Fake eyelashes are part of a make-up beauty accessory and it is a great way to brighten up those eyes.  At Stella, we do not name fake eyelashes or falsie as "FAKE" eyelashes. Simply, we give a them a new identity "Fashion Eyelashes".  i.e. we are proud of our registered trademark "Stella Fashion Eyelashes".

Most of us will agree, we want to doll-up like a natural beauty. So, we put on nice make-up, apply beauty products and so on.  So, when we apply a fake stuff over our eyes, why do we have to emphasis strongly the "fake".  Put the word out of our mind, We want to be attractive wearing an eyelash that look natural, beautiful and FASHION-able.

So, when choosing a fashion eyelashes, let us be mindful and choose a good quality.  You do not want to buy an eyelash of poor quality, looks unnatural and worst you do not get the value of product you paid for.

In this section, we have laid out a few tips & advice, and general Q&A in giving a basic advice on fashion eyelashes.   

Should you have any other query on eyelashes, feel free to drop us an email.