Hand-made eyelash?

How to differentiate between a fully, partial and a non hand-made eyelashes?

You need to be discerning in buying a good quality eyelashes that gives your eyes a beautiful and natural experience.  The beauty of a fashion eyelashes depends on the method of the production process involving how the lashes is being fixed onto the lashband and the finishing of the lashes. 

You may have heard about hand-made eyelashes and what exactly does it means to you? Hand-made are classify as fully or partial type.

Fully hand-made eyelashes
Lashes that are fully being tied up or knotted to the lashband.  Workers have to manually tied up every single straw of the nylon to the lashband. Thereafter, a worker has to manually trim the lashes.  In result, you will find a fully hand-made eyelashes being so natural like your own eyelashes.  For your info, an experience worker can only tie up max 30 pairs of eyelashes. 


In our Stella category, you can find these eyelashes under the Natural and Natural Prime series.

Advantage of a fully hand-made eyelashes:
-  Overall natural outlook
-  No compromise of loose straw of eyelash when removing glue applied on lashband
-  Can be soaked to wash

Partial hand-made eyelashes
Lashes of this type are usually the pointed-end series eyelashes.  Pointed-end lashes refers to the taper-end type lashes.  Due to the characteristic of a taper-end nylon, it can't be tied onto the lashband but a worker will need to manually position every single straw of the nylon onto the lashband.  Thereafter, a layer of nylon strip are glued onto the lashband to keep these lashes in permanent position.  In our Stella category, you can find these eyelashes under the Pointed-end series.

Advantage of a Partial hand-made eyelashes:
-  Produces a brighter and bigger eyes effect in result
-  Wide range of models in selection
-  Since the lashes has been glued by 2 layers on the lashband, there is no tendency of drop-off lashes unless you pull it very hard.

Every eyelashes are fully sterilised, also they need to go for a very high-heat treatment in producing the curl lining and complete finishing.  At this temperature level, any bacteria will be eliminated.

Non hand-made eyelashes refer to machine made
This type of eyelashes are machinery produced.  They are either molded or stitched.

You will find a machine-made eyelashes with molded lashband have a standard and uniform design (left & right pair) therefore they will look unnatural.
You will find another machine-made eyelashes with stitched lashband.  Every straw of eyelashes are neither tied, glued nor molded onto the lashband hence you can easily and in no-effort pull out the lashes. (see video)  Also, since it is not affixed to the lashband properly, there is a tendency that these lashes can be easily drop-off onto your eyes.  Another disadvantage is that you have to handle the eyelashes with care after-use (otherwise no chance of thorough cleaning and re-use). If you broke the end-knot of the stitch, you are advised not to use it as all the lashes will drop-off eventually.