Q  What are eyelashes made of?
A   It is important to know what you are buying on eyelashes.  Eyelashes are either made of nylon, plastic or human hair.  Material of nylon is soft, light and easily treated to give you the natural curl on the lashes.  Plastic eyelashes are stiff and heavier than nylon.  So you will feel some weight and look obvious unnatural.   Eyelashes made of human hair (sterilised) is light and natural but you need an encouragement to accept the fact of its source.  Anyway, you already have a choice of nylon-made eyelashes to look bright and natural. There is claim of lashes made of oxy-fiber.  To our knowledge, there is no such raw material made on lashes.  Even if it has claimed to exist, we can assure you that the material now made on the eyelashes is in fact nylon.    
Fact: Stella eyelashes are made of nylon and it is 100% sterilised. 

Q  What makes eyelashes wearing a comfortable experience?
A   To feel comfort on wearing eyelashes, you have to choose the type material of lashband of the eyelashes.  They are made of nylon, polyester or cotton.  Lashband made of nylon is easy to wear than polyester.  Nylon is light which does not put on weight over the eyelid.  Except if you are choosing a compact eyelashes which require a complement thicker lashband.  Polyester is a soft thread and depending on individual to put it on skillfully.   At our best knowledge, most of individuals have trouble putting on eyelashes with polyester lash band.  Cotton lash band is soft like polyester but gives you the ultimate comfort.     
Fact: Stella has eyelashes made on these materials of lashband but we emphasises more on nylon and cotton type. 

Q Should I apply eyeliner when using fake eyelashes? Apply before or after putting on fake eyelashes?
A Eye make-up is the most vital make-up routine which changes complete personality of a woman.  Using an eyeliner will enhance the eyes as well as serving as a guideline wearing on fake eyelashes.  Hence, we advise you to apply eyeliner before wearing on fake eyelashes. Another advantage is that it will camouflage the gap between your real and fake eyelashes. 

Q Where should I put on the fake eyelashes?
A The fake eyelashes should be put on the eyelid right above your real eyelashes.  In another words, positioning the fake eyelashes to the nearest possible to your real lash line.  Avoid to place onto the real eyelashes or way high above the real eyelashes.   

Q  What type of fake eyelashes should I use to match my eyes?
A   Every pair of eyelashes is suitable for everyone.  It depends on preference of an individual of her lifestyle and make-up.  For a beginner, we will encourage Natural series to start with.  We offer wide range of categories of eyelashes.   

Q  Should I cut both ends of my eyelashes before putting it on?
A   Yes.  Every individual has different eye length.  Therefore, you should cut both ends of the eyelashes to match your eye length before putting it on. 

Q  Is it easier to put on eyelashes using an eyelash applicator or by hand?
A   If your fingers can cope steadily in handling the eyelash and not blocking your vision, then you should not have any issue.  Using an eyelashes applicator will be much easier as it will allows you to adjust freely on the length of the lash band to closely meet the curvature of your eyes.  It is very much useful when you are choosing a miniature or short in length fake eyelashes.  

Q  How do I blend my real and fake eyelashes together?  Sometimes it is quite obvious to see two layers of eyelashes.
A Before applying on fake eyelashes, you need to curl your real eyelashes by 45 degree. Use an eyelash curler to do the job.  Apply a small amount of mascara to your real eyelashes. Thereafter, put on the fake eyelashes and then apply again the mascara.  In this way, both your real and fake eyelashes will blend perfectly together. 

Q  All the glue I bought cannot glue well onto my eyelid.  Why is it so?
A There are many types of eyelash glue in the market.  All of them serve the same purpose- to ensure fake eyelashes glued well to the eyelid.  Many not informed that it requires more chemical inclusion in order to have a long lasting result. For a latex glue, it is important to know that the best effect of the glue is only when it is half-dry. This is the moment you should put up your fake eyelashes.  Also, latex glue is easy to clean-off from lashband therefore your fake eyelashes can be re-used. For an appropriate type of glue to use, it is really depends on the expectation of the customers.  
For an effective result on putting on fake eyelashes, best to use an eyelashes applicator as it is more secure and does not block your view.  We offer an eyelashes applicator patented by design.  Visit our Order_Accessories  page for detailed information. 

Q  I felt itchy on my eyelid after wearing the eyelashes. Am I sensitive to the glue?
A There are a few factors which may result in itchiness.
-  You are sensitive to the type of glue used.  There are various types of glue and they may differ in the content.  You may want to test out for any sensitive skin arises by the glue.  Apply glue over your wrist and wait for a few minutes to see if any rashes appear.      
- You may be using an expired glue.  We advise that you to check for any unpleasant odour or decolouring of the glue.  We encourage you to buy eyelashes glue over the counter than relying on complimentary glue in the package as you are not sure how long the glue/eyelashes has been on the rack/market.    

- If you have noticed some eyelashes you bought has already an amount of glue on the lashband in order that it will stick on its packaging. This type of glue used may be sensitive to you. We encourage you to buy eyelashes where they are only glued at both ends and not on their lash band.  It is worth the value to buy an eyelash where the lashband is in its original and perfectly clean.    
- For those who re-use their eyelashes, clean away any dried glue over the lash band before applying new glue. This dried glue may have collected dust while wearing and may cause itchiness to human skin.
- For a reason, you may have an open wound on your lash line may or may not be visible to naked eyes, which caused irritaton when applied.
Fact: All lash bands of eyelashes of Stella are free from glue.  Only both ends of eyelashes are glued to the packaging.  And these ends are trimmed away before wearing. 

Q  How many times can I re-use the fake eyelashes?
A For anyone who prefer to re-use them, we recommend maximum use of 3 times.  Eyelashes will collect dust during the day therefore you need to properly clean away any dust particles and the dried glue over the lash band.  Keep eyelashes in a dry and clean storage case.  We offer an eyelash case for your convenience.  Visit our order_accessories page for detailed information.

Q  What is the correct method in trimming both ends of the eyelashes?
A Having measured the fake eyelashes to your preferred eye length, you are ready to trim it.   You are to cut ONLY on the lashband of the eyelashes and pull away the unused section.  Do not cut through the lashes as the eyelashes will turn out looking 'square' and 'unnatural'.  Take note especially on those cross stitch and cross-sectional eyelashes.