Choosing an eyelash glue

Choosing an eyelash glue

There are many types of eyelash glue in the market.  All of them serve the same purpose is to ensure fashion eyelashes will glue well to your eyelid. 

Many of us will seek for the best eyelash glue that will keep the eyelashes staying the whole day.  Obviously, a long lasting glue requires a combination of a stronger chemical ingredients in the solution for the strong bonding effect.  For some ladies who have sensitive skin or teenage girls, you might want to choose a mild content.  On the level of 'Best', it is subjective to an individual to her level of expectation and condition.

We provides you the essential information so that you can be more discerning when choosing an eyelash glue.

3 popular glues in the market
- Latex type glue
- Liquid type Glue
- Cream type glue

1.  Latex type glue
It is a rubber form glue. Traditional eyelash glue. Best effect of the glue to stick on eyelash is when its half-dry.
Advantagë:  Glue can be easily cleaned off when it is moist on the lashband.  Practically, you can re-use your fashion eyelashes a few times with a good and clean comfort of the lashband.  For those who are sensitive to rubber content, this glue may not be suitable for you.

2. Liquid type glue
Liquid solution glue. Put on a permanent layer of glue over the lashband so it is not easily to remove and you will need an remover solution to do so.  Otherwise, you will be applying another layer of glue over the previous one on the lashband.  It will get harder each time in result giving you the discomfort.

3.  Cream type glue
Requires finger application therefore you will need skill/an effort to get the glue even on the lashband.  If not done properly, you find lumpy & uneven glue over the lashband which result in discomfort and unnatural look.  An application that is quite messy.

Colour of glue
- Clear:  White solution. Will turn into clear transparent when dry.  Inferior glue will result in white patches on the fashion eyelashes.
- Black:  Black solution.  2 in1 solution.  An alternative to using a black eyeliner.  Need skill to apply otherwise it will turn out messy   

                                  over your eyelid. To clean away the black glue easily and perfectly, you need to use a make-up remover with

                                  alcohol content. 

Are you buying a safe glue?
- Product registered with Health Science Authority (HSA)?
Eyelash glue is a controlled item classified by HSA in Singapore.  You might be interested and mindful of what you are buying on.

- Expired glue supplied in the packaging?
Some glue you will notice that it is not pure white but brownish in color.  Be aware that it is a sign of an expired glue.




Discoloration of glue (yellowish)

i.e. sign of expiry