Choosing an eyelash applicator

Which eyelash applicator will suit me?

Some of us who may have trouble using our bare fingers putting on fashion eyelashes, for any of these reasons;
-  shaky finger
-  block vision by the finger, hard to get the fashion eyelashes close the normal lashes
-  Diffculties in touching up the fashion eyelashes in going through the curvature of the eyelid
-  Short or miniature fashion eyelashes

Some of us may also want to rush for time and do not want to spend too much time in front of the mirror.

In result, using an eyelash applicator will provide you the essential solution.  Next Question- what type of applicator will be more appropriate?

There are 2 common types of eyelashes applicator namely the independent type and the clip-on type.  


An independent eyelash applicator:
-  Easy to control
-  Clip only on the center of the fashion eyelash.  Able to touch on the nearest to your normal eyelash
-  Easy to do fine and precise adjustments to the both sides of the eyelashes covering the needed curvature of your eyelids
-  We recommend Stella's with silicon tip safe on the eyes compared to those made of stainless steel.  Replaceable silicon tip.

clip-on eyelash applicator:
-  Everyone has a different eye length & curvature, eye size & shape.  As such, not everyone may find the clip-on version suitable for their eye characteristic.
-  Clip-on version has a standard curvature shape and unless it matches your eye characteristic otherwise you may find the fashion eyelash positioned well in the center but not the both ends of the eyelashes where it does not get to the closest point of the eye curvature, hence looking unnatural.