Choosing a double layer eyelash

What is a double layer eyelashes? How to choose a good quality?

Double layer eyelashes is referring to the process of having to layer 2 eyelashes together in giving the effect of volume and unique creation.

It is widely offered by bridal make-up professionals and ladies who have tried on the DIY.  In Yr2009, Stella Fashion Eyelashes has introduced this series of eyelashes in the market and make convenient to many, and who are appreciating the beauty of putting on this eyelash.

It is not difficult to DIY a double layer eyelash.  Some will find the trouble of fixing up one pair for e.g. the mess of the glue & the time taken. The glue used commonly are the eyelash glue so it will compromise on any moisture i.e. not waterproof hence it will not last for long.

When choosing a double layer eyelashes, it is important that you buy a good quality and it is more dearer than a normal eyelashes.  One basic advice is to look out for the common flaw like 
Open Split. Tolerance split/gap is about 1-2mm. Anything more than the tolerance, you will end up wearing a "double eyelash" eyelashes.  See below images for illustration. 

At Stella, we assure our customers and offer the best in quality.