About Us


Stella Fashion Eyelashes, a beauty icon symbolising its specialisation and uncompromised quality of fashion eyelashes and accessories. 

Stella, a registered trademark translated as 'Star' in Italian expresses the affiliation in consumers to enjoying a beautiful experience - simply and naturally, like a beauty star.

We are absolutely convinced that a pair of eyes which ‘speaks’ beats a thousand words spoken. And when you wear on our "
Stella" eyelashes, you will experience the beauty attraction like a "Star".

When we focus on Stella fashion eyelashes, we focus on your beauty.  Professionally, from recommending you a pair of eyelashes, personalise guidance on applying it and advising on any complementary products to enhancing your looks, it's all about you enjoying a beauty experience. The Stella team firmly believes that every woman is worth a second look.  Try on Stella eyelashes and our spontaneous services, and you will be amazed by the reactions around you. 

Each and every piece of Stella fashion eyelashes is carefully hand-crafted.  Our range currently carries 15 series of eyelashes with over 200 models to choose from.  In Yr09, we are the pioneer in launching an advance model - double layer series eyelashes in Singapore and in the nearby regions of which we exclusively named as "Double Flex Eyelashes (TM)" thereafter we launched its Prime series.  In Yr12, we have launched our very exclusive and personalised design of double layer eyelashes.  It is the best-ever design of eyelash and suit to use in different occasion. In Yr13, we have launched the Triple Flex Eyelashes (TM). In the following years, we have introduced Glamourous Eyelashes, Paper Eyelashes & Lace Eyelashes.  For a simple and natural look, we offer many options on our Natural Series and its Prime range. Whether you are a newbie to fashion eyelashes or a seasoned fashionista, we have the design for you!

We only offer the best and quality product.  Our promise in delivering you on our customer-oriented services.